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Travel with the Vtc Magic, Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport, in the city and its agglomeration all over France to ensure: serenity, comfort and safety.

Magic and its partners will ensure you an optimal and personalized journey wherever you are for a service 24/24 and 7/7.

We accept payment by credit card. Each of our drivers is equipped with a terminal on board.

The group Vtc Magic is a plant located in Lyon exclusively VTC and GR artisans, whose sole purpose is to ensure satisfaction and serenity.

MAGIC VTC is also in the south of France for the summer period.

MAGIC VTC South, puts at your disposal a VTC vehicle with driver in Marseille, Nice, Biarritz or Montpelier in the PACA region or Occitanie and the Netherlands. MAGIC VTC South Marseille is the insurance of a tourist circuit 7/7. For travel by VTC! From Marseille or Nice, Biarritz, Montpellier and Toulouse and their surroundings in the PACA Region, Occitanie, Pays Basques, Aveyron, Hérault and GARD at competitive prices, VIP transfers specialist, tourist, sightseeing tours in the south of France.

MAGIC VTC South of France ensure your trips for your holidays, with tourist circuits in the departments of Gard, Herault, Vaucluse, Bouches du Rhone and Aquitaine.

MAGIC VTC South will transport you in a recent big touring vehicle spacious, comfortable and reassuring or you will dispose according to the distance to go of a service more at your disposal: still or sparkling water, handkerchief paper, flyers on the circuits Cévenols, Gorges Tarn, wine route in the Languedoc Roussillon region, Tour de France.

Specialist Airport, Station and Long Distance South of France

Magic Vtc South of France, Taxi Privé in Marseille, Nice, Biarritz, Montpellier and Toulouse is your specialist in shopping and transport services on long journeys. Starting from Marseille or the other southern cities; we can reach all destinations in France: towards the Var (83) with Bandol, Saint Tropez, Toulon but also the ski resorts, the Riviera, the Languedoc, the Rhône Alpes …

Our vehicles are sedans great comfort with all the options and benefits for you also bring in the countries of the European Union, Italy, Spain, Belgium or Switzerland … or international trip.

Magic Vtc Taxi South of France is at your disposal for your long trips or private, contact us to book or request a quote.




January 2022: Short stint on the TV news Le Progress 🟢🍃♻️


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Short visit to Le Progrès.

Magic VTC eco responsible.

Ethanol, hybrid and electric vehicle 🍃 (read articles).

While the price of fuel continues to climb, Le Progrès went to meet

motorists at a gas station. Fatalistic, restless, resigned,

the Lyonnais are divided when it comes to filling up at the pump.

By Le Progrès – Jan 21, 2022, 9:51 PM | updated Jan 22, 2022 10:35 AM – T

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With an average price of 1.621 euro per liter of diesel this week,
we note a 21% increase in the price in Lyon compared to the same week in 2021.
The price of a 40-litre tank therefore goes from 53.76 euros in 2021 to 64.84 euros in 2022, i.e. 11.08 euros more.
Same observation for SP95-E10 gasoline whose average price is this week at 1,690 euros,
an increase of 19%, just like the SP98.

Published on 05/22/2022 at 15:18


2021: Nomination for the 12th edition of the SME TROPHIES

The RMC SME Trophies
The 12th edition of the RMC SME Trophies is born!

Magic VTC ©️ invited this year 2021 for the 12th edition of the RMC SME Trophies.

Apolline de Malherbe

RMC journalist: “For 11 years, the RMC SME Trophies competition has been proud to support and reward the work of small and medium-sized enterprises and I will continue to honor all these ambitious and innovative SMEs.

Dynamism, audacity, will and enthusiasm are the very essence of the competition. France is full of talent and the RMC SME Trophies have always been there to promote them. »

“6 categories for this competition:
“Artisanal”, “Creative”, “Made in France”, “Young shoot”, “Responsible and sustainable” and the novelty of this 12th edition, the “Transformation” prize.

The winners of the RMC SME Trophies will be announced during the award ceremony on December 16, 2021.

See you soon in “Apolline Matin” from 6:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on RMC and RMC Story. »

2021 : Compensation-To make your trips greener.

To make your journeys greener, Magic VTC is committed to carbon offsetting greenhouse gases. Beyond the ecological impact, these actions have solidary, economic and social dynamics. GREEN CARS DRIVER, Category Mercedes-Benz, LINE AMG
Our sedans, 4X4 SUV GREEN CARS DRIVERS are at your disposal for all your transfers, journeys and made available. Travel in a recent and comfortable Hybrid, Electric, Thermal Bioethanol vehicle. All of our vehicles meet CO2 emission standards.


Magic VTC has been requisitioned by the French state to strengthen the transport of ambulance workers and taxis under contract as well as to ensure the transfer of medical personnel.

The Secretary of State and the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Elisabeth Borne, send a message of thanks and encouragement to all the taxi professionals involved, in particular for the transport of healthcare workers. As such, they wish to underline their fundamental role for the life of the Nation in this period of crisis, and are committed to facilitating all other actions to mobilize taxis to transport the personnel of health and social establishments whose activity cannot be hampered.

Friday April 3, 2020

2019: Magic VTC joins the union or association law 1901 ACIL. The transport agency faithful to its vocation participates in the first event organized by the latter.

Mehdi Mejeri, founding president of ACIL, speaks in front of the Lyon office of Uber, the American VTC reservation platform, located avenue Georges-Pompidou in Part-Dieu. Photo Maxime JEGAT

THE PROGRESS 06 Feb. 2019 at 09:00 | updated at 18:09 – Reading time: 3 min
Mehdi Mejeri, president of the Association of Independent Drivers, explains that Uber has agreed “to get back to him very quickly to establish the timetable for the implementation” of new tariffs.
2:25 am: amid the din of horns, the VTCs finish their snail operation on Place Bellecour and are parked all around the place.

According to our count, there are 200 vehicles.

Read also

Métropole de Lyon: VTCs in snail operation this Wednesday

The Rhône Progress @ leprogresrhone
The VTC procession arrives at Place Bellecour, where the snail operation is to end 🐌
Integrated video


13:18 – 6 Feb 2019
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11:30 am: the delegation has just left Uber.

Regarding the compensation for the approach time (5.20 euros, an increase of 4 euros) for races on the outskirts, Mehdi Mejeri explains that the American company agreed “to contact him very quickly, in the afternoon, to establish the implementation schedule ”.

The procession sets out again in the direction of Place Bellecour, where this snail operation is to end.

Photo Jean-Philippe CAVAILLEZ
Photo Jean-Philippe CAVAILLEZ

10:45 am: the procession stopped in front of the Uber offices on avenue Pompidou.

Drivers wish to enter. The door is closed, the blinds are down and security intervenes. An egg is thrown at a window.

A delegation is finally received by Uber. The VTCs are asking for the implementation of approach time compensation, negotiated with the American company.

9:55 am: the procession is stopped on avenue de Saxe. The whole sector is paralyzed.

The main claim of VTCs relates to “drop-off and pick-up locations” at popular sites in the metropolitan area: Part-Dieu, Groupama Stadium, Saint-Exupery, Cité internationale, Perrache, Vieux Lyon, etc.

“We often don’t have a designated drop-off location. This is important for the safety of customers and our own. And then there are the fines, ”explains Mehdi Mejeri, founding president of ACIL.

The Rhône Progress @ leprogresrhone
The VTC snail operation is underway. The procession, about 250 vehicles strong, will arrive in Part-Dieu in a few minutes.

Integrated video


11:18 – 6 Feb 2019
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See other Tweets from Le Progrès Rhône
9:10 am: the procession starts.

There are 200 vehicles.

The VTC drivers are organizing a snail operation in Lyon this Wednesday morning, at the call of the Acil (Association of Independent Drivers of Lyon).

More than 175 vehicles have already arrived in front of the Gerland sports center. The convoy should leave before 9 am, direction Bellecour. The procession will pass through Part-Dieu and in front of Uber’s headquarters on avenue Georges-Pompidou.

Once arrived in Bellecour, a delegation will be received at the Prefecture.

This afternoon, the VTCs had initially planned to go to the airport. Action postponed, the VTCs being received on February 11 at the airport.

es, for fairer remuneration, the establishment of a minimum tariff, exemption from the CFE (business property contribution) and fuel taxes …

“The safety of partner drivers and passengers is a priority for us”

In the early evening, Uber responded to the VTC drivers’ day of action.

Unsurprisingly, the company supports the claim relating to identified pick-up and drop-off points: “We share the desire of Lyon VTC drivers to set up clearly identified pick-up and drop-off points in the city.


as well as their concerns about fraud on VTC cards, explains a spokesperson for the American company. The safety of partner drivers and passengers is a priority for us to which we devote significant technological resources and dedicated teams. We are convinced that our dialogue with the drivers will lead to concrete improvements. ”

Using its data, Uber, which has already worked with many cities, is able to identify high traffic areas and help choose the most relevant pick-up and drop-off points, combining safety and fluidity. traffic.

She believes that she can put this expertise at the service of decision-makers in Lyon.

2019: New concept with multimodal mobility solution dedicated to airport links.

Our mission is to bring clarity to the multitude of existing offers on the market, allowing our users to compare and book directly on our application the ideal transport offer for their transfers to / from airports. Gehad, no longer accepted the incessant complaints of its customers about the exorbitant price of airport connections. “What can I say to my customers who did not understand why they were paying twice as much for their transport as their plane ticket?” All the more aware of the degrading ecological situation, Gehad did not hesitate for a single second and created his project.

A few months later and after a heavy and intensive selection, Magic Vtc joined the Daimler incubator. Result? Magic Vtc becomes, in January 2018, the 1st network of fixed and regular lines of shared mobility dedicated to airport links and the best company in terms of quality of transport labeled with the “Travel & Hospitality Award”. 2018 was a successful year for our young startup. Magic Vtc therefore joins the very closed circle of the green economy family.

2018: Opening of the seasonal branch at Nice airport, Magic Vtc Sud de la France, for trips during the summer period. Creation of the client application available on AppStore and PlayStore.


Soon after, Magic Vtc launched a Beta version of its service with its Landings Pages. Thanks to this test, we were able to target what our customers’ expectations were.
Since then, our team has been working on the design of the application so that it fully meets your needs. You will therefore have the chance to join the Magic community very soon. One thing is certain, it is that the Magic adventure will not end there …
Our sayings: Travel while discovering. Because a journey is not only a journey, it is also a human sharing and a discovery.

2017: Creation of Magic VTC; a group of VTC and GR drivers whose goal is to lead to a GIE (Economic Interest Group)


Magic VTC is a commercial entity supervised by the company REJIM TRANSPORT VTC which has been one of the actors for the regulation of the individual transport sector as well as the federation of certain urban platforms. A platform that is part of the global GreenEconomy project and that meets in particular the need for regular trips and their accessibility in terms of price.

You should know that as a VTC we are regulated by the Ministry of the Environment and Ecological Transition.

What is a VTC? The operator of a transport car with driver (VTC) must meet certain installation and operating conditions: professional aptitude, continuing training, prior reservation required, good repute and quality of service. The transport car with driver must have

between 4 and 9 seats, driver included;
less than 6 years old (except vintage vehicles);
at least 4 doors;
minimum overall dimensions: 4.50 m x 1.70 m;
an engine with a net power greater than or equal to 84 kW
These conditions do not apply to hybrid and electric vehicles

The subscription of a specific automobile insurance for the transport of persons against payment is compulsory and must be able to be justified during any control

The vehicle must be submitted to an annual technical inspection

To note

the transport car with driver is considered a low-emission vehicle, if its emissions of greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants are less than or equal to 60 g / km for CO2 emissions


The platform aims to promote independence and the emergence of a new service model for private hire companies.
This emergence can be explained by a sector that has seen itself weakened in recent years, endangering the sustainability of the self-employed. In this way and guaranteeing you the most optimal service, we will safeguard the real service of the

and high-end transport which has been threatened by unfair competition

We also try to empower the customer in a citizen approach with regard to our economic sector.
Magic VTC is also making you live Magic experiences, through new encounters, new routes and landscapes.
Our business is travel, so it is in this context that we promote each region in which we pass, drop off or load and share this passage and this unique discovery.
Enjoy a good experience with personalized trips tailored to your needs and preferences.

Contact us: +33 (7) 69 14 29 28;
Book now 24/24 and 7/7:
By tel: +33 (7) 69 14 29 28;
Or by mail: contact@magic-vtc.fr

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