Go for a ride full of charm along the quays and low-ports of the Saone!

Follow a guide for a walk along the Saône, and let yourself be charmed by the ocher facades that line the shaded quays, the terraces in summer, the painted walls, the bridges and footbridges.

The Saône, once the most traveled navigable artery of the city, offers beautiful landscapes, with the hills in the background.

Over the course of the walk, it is the whole history of Lyon that stretches from Antiquity to the contemporary era: the construction of docks and bridges, steam navigation tests, small trades banks, the nautical feasts with royal entrances, the redevelopment of the shores … So many themes evoked during this walk, which show the close links between the city and its river.


Provision for your parties, events or weddings.

The availabilities allow you to have a car and its driver for a duration ranging from a few hours to several days. You will be able to move as you please in the city without restriction of travel, time and duration.


For 2 or 3 hours or 2 or 3 days, go where you want without constraints thanks to a fixed price and a vehicle with dedicated driver.

You can have a car / motorcycle or van and its driver for a duration ranging from a few hours to several days. So you move as you see fit in the city, and more according to your request.

Your driver is an indispensable guide.

At the wheel, it is responsible for driving, waiting for you the necessary time for your visits, your purchases, carries your packages and offers you the good addresses.


Magic Vtc, company specializing in the transport of people in luxury vehicles, offers a high-end service for your wedding. Thus, as part of this unique event, we are at your disposal for several services: transfer to or from an airport, provision of a private driver, reservation of a car for marriage with driver.

Have you thought about the vehicle that will drop you off at the ceremony? To immortalize your wedding, one of the most beautiful days of your life, we put at your disposal high-end vehicles.

An integral service

Luxury vehicles for your wedding: Mercedes class S, Class S limousine, Class E, Van Viano and Mercedes Class V … Choose the car that makes you dream and that will take you on the road of « YES for life »!

The decoration of your vehicle according to your desires: our car will be the most beautiful to lead you … According to your desires, we decorate it to make this day even more exceptional.

A driver at your disposal: throughout the day, our driver will be at your disposal to drive you from your home instead of the office through the City Hall. He will also provide the procession, will leave you and wait for you to immortalize these beautiful moments with your photographer.

Vehicles for your guests: We also offer a wedding shuttle service in Rhone-Alpes for your guests. They will enjoy your wedding until the end of the night with confidence!

Booking online or over the phone.

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Vehicle for the PACA region, Occitania and the Netherlands from Marseille, St Charles train station, Marignane airport, Nice, Biarritz, Montpellier, Toulouse.
Also present in Lyon, Chambéry, Geneva and Casablanca.

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